Letters from Home


Recently I stumbled upon the website BibleVersesAbout.org and left impressed. Neil Goodman is the webmaster of the site and has published a book called “Letters from Home”. After reading several of the posts on the website, I purchased a copy of the book. I usually read books about business, software development and Bible commentaries (and the Bible itself, of-course). This little book was a unique reading experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. Goodman takes an approach that I have never come across from other authors. The book is amazingly easy to read. Mr. Goodman pulls together verses throughout the Bible and paraphrases them in a clever, yet Bible honoring manner. The result is that the reader feels like God is writing a personal letter just to them. I would encourage any believer to pick up a copy of this book and read it themselves. His website is also a great resource for believers. Take a look for yourself.

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