Jesus Saw One Man

John 5:5 & part of 6
“One man was there who had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him… ”

This particular passage retells the account of Jesus’ encounter with an invalid man who was among many other men and women seeking to be healed from their disorders. While there is much to be learned from the entirety of this event, we are focusing on four powerful words. “Jesus saw” from verse 6 and “One man” from verse 5. Among many people, Jesus observed one man.
In many places in the Bible we find the phrase “a certain man”. Personally, I find this phrase to be one of the most heart-warming and endearing combination of words found in God’s Word. Jesus sees us as individuals, not just as a large group of people. Unlike worldly leaders, both religious and secular, Jesus knows each and every one of his people. There are several verses that offer us this great comfort.

    Matthew 26:18 “…go into the city to a certain man and say to him…”
    John 11:1 “Now a certain man was ill, Lazarus of Bethany…”
    Luke 10:30 “…A certain man went down from Jerusalem…”

These people were not ordinary or unimportant people, these are certain people, a special people who are of great interest to God. God has no doubt about who his people are. John 10 tells us this…

    John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me”

The Lord knows us! He knows us by our name and knows us more intimately than we know ourselves or even our mothers know us. Worldly leaders will sometimes refer to “their people” and they may even deeply care for “their people”, but they do not know each one of their people as an individual. Jesus does!
Even among a vast crowd of other people, we are unique, special and recognized by the Almighty Creator of the universe! Even lost among the stars of the universe, we are known. Anytime we feel lonely or unimportant, we should remember that we are not just anybody, we are a certain people.

Rejoice! We are known by the Savior of all mankind! Rejoice! Listen for the voice of the One who speaks to us in the quiet moments. Listen to the voice of the One whose voice is unique and set apart from every other one we ever hear or consider. The Lord speaks to his sheep and we hear him. One day will come when we hear a call of action. Respond and obey. If we live long enough, we will see a day when we hear the Lord call us to meet him. Listen for His voice! If the Lord does not feel close at hand, then seek him earnestly and he will be found. When he is found, we will hear his voice and know that we are with him. Rejoice!

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