I am married to a wonderful wife whom I adore and we have three beautiful daughters together.  I am a professional software developer and serve my employer in that capacity as well as leading a small team of developers.  More importantly, however, I am a forgiven, redeemed and cherished child of the Living God; saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I am not a Bible scholar, merely a child of God striving to draw closer to God through the study of his Word. Over the years I have studied the Bible and tried to learn from it.  I have also attempted to teach my family from God’s word, through my life, through dedicated Bible studies, by attending church and seeking other opportunities to openly discuss what it means to be a Christian and a Christian family.  I have sought out tools and aids to help teach my family and to be honest I have been disappointed in the materials available for families.  While there are great books, tools and visual aids available, none of them quite touched my family in the way I felt they could or should.   So, in early 2014 I began creating a series of devotionals for my family.  Originally I thought I would focus on the names of God in the Bible, but I quickly discovered that as I wrote the devotionals more topics and subjects became obvious.  Over time I also discovered that my wife and kids connected best with visual presentations.

My best friend for over 16 years, who also happens to be my direct superior at my employer, came up with the concept “easy to produce, easy to consume”.  His concept is something we apply at our employer and we have found that it works well.  The idea is to make the creation of useful materials easier and more streamlined while keeping the content clear, focused and easy to consume.  When I began creating the devotionals in 2013, I embraced this concept and continue to do so.

The basic idea has been to create a one page article on a particular Bible topic or character and post it to the refrigerator in our kitchen.  I thought that everyone ends up at the refrigerator a few times a day so that would be a good place to put them.  I have found that this technique works well for my family and I believe it can work well for others as well.

My wife encouraged me to publish the daily devotionals in book format and in late 2013, I did just that.  The product of that effort is available on Amazon at the links shown below.  Ultimately, however, I intend to publish all of the articles in the books on this website.  Over the next several months I plan to publish the articles that are in the books on this site.  If you wish to buy the books, that’s great, but if not, you may still obtain their contents by visiting this site.  I hope that others will find them useful in leading their own families.

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