Topic: The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle

The image shown above is representative of the general layout of the tabernacle that Israel erected in the wilderness as seen from the outside and above. The tabernacle was a special place and had both an outer, highly visible, yet walled area, and had two inner areas. The inner area was divided into the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies contained the Ark of the Covenant. God prescribed, exactly, what items would be placed in each of the three sections. To the Israelites, the tabernacle was a visible reminder of their special place as God’s chosen people and a constant reminder that to come to God required that they come to him in the way he prescribed.

God intended that men would have a visible example of his presence in our lives. He lives in our hearts, but he also has placed his church here for us. We should attend, so that we can be with God’s people. Also, the design of the tabernacle provides a good model for how we should carry out our lives. The tabernacle had walls and symbolized that we should put up barriers to the world. The outside component of the tabernacle was highly visible and symbolized that we should live our Christian lives so that others know we are Christians. We should have an attitude that is not pushy or uppity, but, instead, is respectful towards everyone. Most of all, though, we should have respect for God. The Holy Place is more intimate than the outer area. We should maintain close and intimate relationships with other people with whom we share a deeper connection with God. With them, we can be more open about our inner selves. Finally, the Holy of Holies is a special and intimate place where we privately and personally meet with God. This is a unique place we should go to frequently through prayer, fasting and also the reading of God’s word and meditating on it.


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