Topic: Miracles of Jesus: Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Miracles of Jesus: Jesus Turns Water into Wine

When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,

In this first miracle, we see Jesus and His disciples at a wedding with His mother. While the basics here are clear; the wine had run out. This was a socially bad situation and would reflect badly upon the hosts (his mother perhaps). The deeper meaning of this miracle needs to be sought out. Here are some thoughts.
1. Jesus honors His mother by fulfilling her request.
2. Jesus declares His sovereignty over the elements. Chapter 1 of John declares that Jesus was the Creator of the universe. We see a confirmation of this declaration here.
3. Jesus sanctioned marriage.
4. Jesus sanctioned the drinking of wine. This was not grape juice; it was the kind of wine that can lead to drunkenness as seen by the response from the governor of the feast. We should be careful and take notice that this does not mean that Jesus sanctioned drunkenness.
5. By filling empty jars with water, Jesus provided clear proof that His action was, indeed, a miraculous event. There was nothing in the jars to start with that might be pointed to as evidence that this was not miraculous.
6. The miracle was reaffirming for His disciples; they witnessed this and believed on Him.
7. By creating wine we see that God is able to create such things where the result is a mature creation. Modern scientists tell us that the universe is perhaps 14 billion years old and that it MUST have started as a single point of nothingness and MUST have slowly developed over those 14 billion years. By creating wine that was fully fermented, we see proof that God does not need to create elements where natural processes take place. God can create things that are mature at the starting point of creation. The water in the pots did not need to go through some type of natural process to become wine. (There isn’t any known process where water is developed into wine.
8. A subtle but not unimportant point is that the manner in which the pots were filled was not in keeping with the method Jews were supposed to follow. These were pots meant for purification. By using them, Jesus is declaring his sovereignty over religious tradition.
9. This miracle was not a huge production or show for others to see. Jesus did not perform some type of ceremony or chant or other visual exercise. The mere will of the Creator is enough, and He did not need to make a show of it.

1. Honor your mother.
2. Never forget that God is sovereign over all creation. This includes your life.
3. Marriage is sanctioned by God. Do not stand in the way of anyone’s marriage including your parents.
4. Wine is not evil. Proper respect is important, but it is not sinful in itself. We may choose not to drink, which may be an easier path, but choosing to drink is not sinful. However, getting drunk is.
5. The universe need not be 14 billion years old to be like it is today. God could have created it in a mature state.


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