In Matthew 7, verses 7-8, Jesus said “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

If you arrived at this site seeking ways to start or expand a Bible Study or just ways to continue your devotions, then it is my hope that you find useful materials here.

Now more than ever, families need to draw close to God. The world is pursuing Christians and not for our benefit. Our children are under attack, our lifestyle is under attack, our faith is under attack. We need to draw close to God, our Salvation! We need to study His Word and build a closer, stronger relationship with our personal Lord and Savior; and we need to teach our families to do the same. This site is an attempt to provide simple tools, hints, techniques and materials to enable families to achieve this objective.

I started creating materials for my own family in an attempt to combat some of the challenges we faced with our Bible studies. As my children grew up it became more and more challenging to sustain the traditional periodic Bible study.  Our lives and schedule have become hectic and I am working to combat that and change it to a more practiced and simple lifestyle. In doing so, I began to realize that the materials I created for my own family could be of value to others.  I feel that the Lord has led me to produce these materials and give them away.  I hope that others will discover them and find value from them.

I strive to leave my personal opinion out of the content but there can be no doubt that my own beliefs and preferences do drive the creation of these materials.  Each article and visual is researched using various sources including books, websites and the ultimate source, The Holy Bible.  In most cases, a handful of Bible verses are selected to focus attention on a given topic.  As is always the case, it is important that the Bible-believing individual not take Bible verses out of context.  As much as possible, these articles attempt to remain true to the context in which the Bible verses were found.  However, it is incumbent on all who study the Bible to read in context, whole verses, whole chapters, whole sections, or whole books so that the reader can properly understand the meaning of the texts.  Should you disagree with an article, I would encourage you to study it, and if the Word confirms your disagreement, throw the article away and replace it accordingly.  In many cases, a one or two page article is not nearly enough to cover a Biblical topic.  As such, every effort is made to not shortchange the topic, but, instead, inspire a greater interest within the reader so that they will seek out more.  The Bible is the ultimate answer to all Biblical questions, and the complete understanding of all topics can be found there.  I hope that new readers will be personally encouraged and motivated to read further and, hopefully, grow even closer to God.

Furthermore, the articles found on this site (and in the books) are in no particular order.  The original idea was to hang one article on the refrigerator each day.  It is in no way necessary to limit one article per day or to only leave an article for only one day.

The verses quoted in these articles are taken from either the modern King James Version or the English Standard Version of the Bible.  The translation is chosen on a case by case basis to optimize the likelihood that my own family will be able to most clearly understand the meaning.  For practical reasons the translation is not identified with each verse used.


A comment on the books:

The materials on this site are freely available to anyone who wishes to use them in the service of the Lord.  They are also available as books through Amazon.com.  I may, at some future point, choose to produce other products from these materials, but my intent is to always provide the raw materials free to anyone who wants them.  I do not post advertisements on this website so any sales of the books or other products will help to pay for the costs of maintaining this site.